Thank You

By University Advancement Staff

For the Bold was a campaign about people. Thank you for the transformational impact you’ve made for everyone in the William & Mary community.

“Since I first stepped foot on campus about four years ago, I knew this was my dream school and attending William & Mary is truly an honor and privilege that would be impossible without you!”

— Hunter Digiacomo-Barnes ’22

“I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to attend such a prestigious institution, and I am confident that William & Mary has prepared me for the next phase of my life.”

— Leah Morgan ’21

— Alexis Hawbaker ’22, Kinesiology and Health Sciences Major

“The generosity and vision of dedicated W&M alumni shaped my college experience and the trajectory of my life ... [and] lit a fire within me that endures today and equipped me with the skills to contribute to the public good.”

— Yohance Whitaker ’16, Government Major

“Neither of my parents graduated from college so I’m extremely thankful to be given this opportunity to not only gain a world-class education, but also to grow as a person.”

— Erin Lipkin ’23, Data Science Major and Sociology and Computer Science Minors

— Professor Betsy Konefal, Fellow, Center For The Liberal Arts

“I am so humbled to be a member of the William & Mary community. When I applied for an honors fellowship, I did not realize the extent to which the program was dependent upon crowd-sourced funding from alumni, family and friends. THANK YOU.”

— Casey Lardner ’15, Biology Major, Mathematics Minor

“Much of my teaching is tied closely to the research success of my lab and so gifts like yours that help to support faculty research success are critical to the training of undergraduates as well.”

— Dr. Jonathan D. Allen, Associate Professor, Department of Biology
Co-director Undergraduate Program in Marine Science

— Chuck Lin ’23, Biology Major

“I expected that going to a school with such high-achieving individuals would mean that I had to fend for myself and figure things out on my own. I now have realized that at W&M, it is the complete opposite. My professors have gone out of their way to help me understand and succeed, my peers keep me motivated, and the community as a whole has encouraged me to try new things.”

— Fatima Jerez-Munguia ’22, Marketing Major