40% Alumni Participation


This is an ambitious goal, but one we must achieve in order to continue to provide an education of the highest caliber. This level of participation is unheard of among public universities in the U.S., and it will place us among the elite U.S. News & World Report-ranked institutions that have raised the bar year after year to maintain their preeminent status.

Simply put, greater participation will be a great vote of confidence for William & Mary and our vision to help inspire and create 21st-century leaders, innovators and problem-solvers. And greater engagement and participation among alumni increase the value of a William & Mary degree as the institution rises higher in public regard.


Every gift helps William & Mary move closer to achieving the goals outlined in the campaign. Last year, gifts of less than $250 collectively added up to over $2 million in support of the university. This means that every gift — large and small — truly makes a difference. In addition to impacting the amount of dollars raised in support of William & Mary, gifts of any size are counted in participation totals. As we strive for 40 percent alumni participation and increased alumni support, these gifts are vital for our success.