Raymond A. Mason School of Business

William & Mary is a place that we know will be good stewards of our support and that our gift to the Mason School of Business will continue to pay it forward for generations. This campaign is a great opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of students and professors. Join us and be part of this. 
- Rob '74 and Jean Estes '75

A Letter from the Dean

The Raymond A. Mason School of Business is at the cutting edge of where I think management education is headed, which is bringing companies, industry leaders, alumni, faculty and program teams together to figure out what it really takes to make our students truly career-ready and to connect them to world class opportunities.  This campaign, at this time in our history, is crucial to our capacity to deliver this promise for “all time coming.”  

So very much of our success as well as our ability to innovate, dream and grow is due to the vision, commitment and enabling generosity of our alumni and friends. I hope you will join us in this campaign and help us make the remarkable possible for our current students and those fortunate enough to join the great Tribe community in the future.

Larry Pulley ‘74
Raymond A. Mason School of Business

Support the Mason School of Business

Private donations to the Raymond A. Mason School of Business are critically important and make a direct impact for students and for the business school, providing significant financial investments in our facility, faculty and staff, scholarships and academic programs. These gifts enable us to break out of traditional teaching molds by providing our students with a unique approach to business education.

Laura Doherty , Executive Director of Development and Alumni Relations



Pillar I: Where Great Minds Meet | $71 million

SCHOLARSHIPS | $35 million

  • M.B.A. Fellowships | $30 million
  • M.Acc. Fellowships | $5 million


• Faculty Support

• Chairs | 3 @ $5 million | $15 million Hire and retain world-class faculty

• Distinguished Professorships | 5 @ $3 million | $15 million

• Clinical/Adjunct Professorships | 2 @ $2.5 million | $5 million

• Practitioner-Led Courses | 4 @ $250,000 | $1 million
Real-world practitioners teaching courses in specialized industries 

Pillar II: Making the Remarkable | $74 million 


  • Innovation Funds | $10 million
    Dean’s Fund for Educational Innovation and start-up funding for new program initiatives

  • Programmatic Funds | $7 million
    Student experience endowed funds

  • Named Endowed Funds for Faculty Excellence and Curriculum Development | 20 @ $100,000 | $2 million
    Endowed faculty support

  • Raymond A. Mason School of Business Annual Fund | $10 million

  • Named Centers for Excellence | 4 @ $10 million | $40 million


  • Center Space Expansion and Build-out in Alan B. Miller Hall | $5 million

Pillar III: A Passion for Impact | $5 million 


  • Endowed Fund for Leadership and Ethics | $5 million
    New leadership program 

Fact Sheet

You can learn more about the Raymond A. Mason School of Business goals & priorities in the fact sheet, which can be downloaded here.