W&M International Initiatives

The Reves Center for International Studies is one of the premier centers for globalization in higher education. It advances the internationalization of learning, teaching and research across the university through programs for education abroad, international students and scholars, and global engagement.

William & Mary is the number one public university for undergraduate study-abroad, with more than 50 percent participation by undergraduates before graduation. This year, more than 800 international students and scholars representing nearly 60 countries are on campus.

The Reves Center encourages and assists international strategic initiatives, including the William & Mary Confucius Institute, offering Chinese language and cultural activities; and the Global Research Institute, co-sponsored by the Faculty of Arts & Sciences, which supports faculty and student collaborations seeking solutions to global problems. Through
all its programs, the Reves Center fulfills William & Mary’s mission to give faculty and students the tools to change the world.

Stephen E. Hanson
Vice Provost for International Affairs
Director, Reves Center for International Studies

Support William & Mary International Initiatives

Help us integrate international perspectives, experiences and impact into all aspects of a William & Mary education, and enable our students and faculty to be active and engaged citizens of the world.



SCHOLARSHIPS | $15 million

  • Study-Abroad Scholarships for W&M students | $7 million
    To provide opportunities for William & Mary undergraduate students to explore and experience cultures, languages and customs different from their own, and to meet the needs of COLL 300 curriculum.

  • Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships for International Students | $3 million
    To help diversify the William & Mary undergraduate and graduate student bodies.

  • AidData Summer Fellows | $2 million
    To allow William & Mary undergraduates to spend summers training developing-country civil society actors, local nonprofits, world universities, government officials and others in the use of new technologies and collaborative research projects.

  • Postdoctoral and Post-Baccalaureate Fellowships at the Global Research Institute | $1 million
    To provide support for unique research and training opportunities for postdoctoral scholars from around the world at the Global Research Institute; and to offer recent college graduates who have achieved high levels of intellectual and analytical maturity the opportunity to take their research to a new level through a full-time intensive research project or project management experience.

  • Global Student Opportunities and Funds at W&M | $1 million
    To provide funding for student research and conference activity abroad for all W&M students and to provide emergency and hardship funding for international students in need.

  • International Internship Funds | $1 million
    To support unpaid and low-paying internships and work experiences abroad for all W&M students.


  • Funding to Support Faculty Across Campus | $1 million
    To create and fund robust international faculty exchange opportunities and to facilitate the retention and support of faculty in international affairs and regional studies across W&M schools and units.
  • Reves Faculty Fellows | $1 million
    To increase the Reves Center’s ability to support faculty research on international topics annually.



  • Catalytic Research Funds | $2 million
    To create seed funding for promising research projects at the Global Research Institute in their early stages of development.
  • Faculty-Mentored Research | $1 million
    To support students to conduct field experiments and gain substantial faculty-mentored research experience at AidData and other Global Research Institute projects.
  • Global Research Institute Student Start-up Funds | $500,000
    To create an investment fund to seed student-driven, outside-the-box innovations that could launch the next revolution in international relations research or real-world innovations.
  • Reves Endowment | $500,000
    To sustain and improve the Reves Center’s ability to serve the wider campus community.


  • New home for international development activities
  • Renovation of Reves Hall


William & Mary in the World

  • AidData | $4 million
    Operational funds to support data-driven policy engagement and the research, testing and evaluation of new tools and approaches to foreign aid effectiveness.
  • Reves Center Global Engagement Funds | $1 million
    Current-use operational and discretionary funds and endowment to support the Reves Center’s broad work to promote William & Mary around the country and the world.
  • Global Research Institute Director’s Fund and Project Funds | $1 million
    Operational and discretionary funds to address the most pressing needs and priorities for the Global Research Institute’s current and future projects on campus and around the world.

Fact Sheet

You can learn more about the International Initiatives goals & priorities in the fact sheet, which can be downloaded here.

  •  Sani Silvennoinen ,  Executive Director, Regional & International Advancement
  •  757-221-2718
  •   sani@wm.edu

W&M Impact News

An artist’s gift

William Sterling’s ’59 early interest in art prompted him to become a fine arts major at William & Mary. One of his thoughts before his death on New Year’s Eve last year was to leave a gift that would benefit the university’s Department of Art & Art History.

A wedding gift that keeps on giving

Megan Dorward ’07 is no stranger to the impact and importance of private giving. As a founding member of the Society of 1918, a member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors and a former member of the Annual Giving Board, she has made giving back to William & Mary an important part of her life. Now, she and her fiancé, Richard Brahan, are using their wedding as an opportunity to encourage others to join them in giving back and to create a lasting impact on others’ lives. In lieu of a traditional registry, they have established the Megan Dorward & Richard Brahan Wedding Scholarship and have encouraged their loved ones to make financial contributions to it in celebration of their wedding.