Undergraduate Scholarships


"I love developing relationships with my professors. They are so accessible, friendly and, of course, unique. Talking to students at other schools has helped me realize how special my professor-student relationship is at William & Mary. Thank you so much for your gift to William & Mary; for me it makes a huge difference and it helps me afford the college I love as an out-of-state student."

Jessica Laury '19

Scholarships are powerful; they change lives for the better. And they directly affect the caliber of William & Mary’s student body, the quality of the academic experience and the prestige of the university. Every exceptional student admitted to William & Mary should have the opportunity to attend and to reach his or her full potential without financial burden. As part of our Affording Opportunity scholarships effort, William & Mary aims to raise $225 million for undergraduate scholarships support to ensure that the nation’s most able students can benefit from the extraordinary and distinct education we provide. 



Scholarships Impact Fund

Gifts to the Scholarships Impact Fund are the most effective means of making a difference in the lives of students today. This flexible, immediate-used fund allows the university to boost financial aid packages each year and reduce the amount of debt a student may need to take on to afford the opportunity of attending.

Scholarship Endowments

When you create a scholarship endowment, you ensure that generations of students to come will have the opportunity to reach their full potential as members of the William & Mary community. Learn more about scholarship naming opportunities.

Scholarships Programs

1693 Scholars

The 1693 Scholars are selected by faculty on the basis of their academic records to receive a significant financial award and the opportunity to work closely with distinguished faculty mentors and engage in independent research projects.

James Monroe Scholars

A James Monroe Scholarship, given to the top 10% of each incoming freshman class, allows recipients to enhance their education by pursuing self-designed summer research projects.

William & Mary Scholars

William & Mary Scholars are academically distinguished students who have overcome unusual adversity and/or are members of underrepresented groups.

Honors Fellowships

Honors Fellowships provide an opportunity for rising seniors to receive funding for their thesis research.


Recent News

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This month we spoke with Class of 2016 President, Yohance Whitaker, to hear about his favorite William & Mary memories and what he's been up to since graduation.

For the Win: A Q&A with Paul Rowley '17, J.D. '20

With basketball season in full swing, player Paul Rowley shared his unique experience with William & Mary as a Class of 2017 alum, current Marshall-Wythe law student, and active athlete.

Affording Opportunity: A story of survival and the power of scholarships

When violence spilled into their hometown in Chihuahua, Mexico, Evan King '17 and his mom knew they had to leave. All along the Texas-Mexico border, gang and drug-related violence had steadily increased since 2006. King's mother worked three jobs to pay her children's school fees and to keep food on the table, and a brief move to another town provided neither safety nor better work.

Research is a team effort

Honors Fellowships are administered by the Roy R. Charles Center for Academic Excellence, which supports faculty development, student research and engaged learning, honors and interdisciplinary studies. The center's director, Wiengartner Professor of Government Joel Schwartz, is stepping down at the end of this semester after 30 years at the helm.

Musical activism earns Gilliard '18 Monroe Prize

When Jordan Gilliard's high school choir teacher cued the group to start singing, silence followed. "No one would sing because we were so scared we wouldn't know the note," said Gilliard. "He told us, 'If everyone is waiting for someone else to sing, then nothing will happen.' And I've just incorporated that into my life. Nothing's going to happen if we're all waiting for someone else ? You don't have to be the savior, just the person who starts stuff." During her four years at William & Mary, Gilliard '18 has often been that person, building community by working to provide students of color more opportunities to have their voice heard, in both the university's music scene and beyond.