Global Scholarships


"I am extremely thankful to the donors who invested in me and my William & Mary education. I will be sure to pay it forward and devote my efforts to help future generations."

Merci Best '17

Study abroad affords William & Mary students opportunities to enhance coursework, develop new intellectual interests, and build intercultural communication skills and international connections.

International students bring diverse perspectives to our campus community, help to provide a globally relevant education right here in Williamsburg, and strengthen our profile globally.

To assist our students in pursuing transformative study abroad experiences and to attract exceptional students from around the world, we seek an infusion of private resources. 



William & Mary has one of the highest rates of undergraduates participating in study abroad programs among public universities – currently 51 percent – with students traveling to more than 65 countries annually. Our goal is to increase this to 60 percent by 2018. Scholarships will make the critical difference in enabling our students to pursue their passions around the globe and provide opportunities for intellectual and personal growth.


William & Mary seeks to attract the best and brightest from around the world. Our international student community includes talented students from over 64 countries who make immeasurable contributions to our academic excellence and strengthen William & Mary’s global network. To elevate William & Mary as a choice for undergraduate and graduate students who may not otherwise be able to afford the opportunity to attend, we seek funding for international scholarships.


William & Mary students with a passion for solving global challenges have the opportunity to work with our world-renowned research center, the Institute for the Theory & Practice of International Relations (ITPIR), which includes AidData, a research lab dedicated to making foreign aid more transparent. We seek support for AidData Summer Fellowships for undergraduates to obtain vital experience in conducting collaborative research with developing-country leaders. Likewise, support for ITPIR’s Post-Graduate Fellowships will fuel the career development of future leaders in international relations.