Pillars & Priorities

William & Mary's strength as an institution

depends greatly on access to resources that enable the university to provide a world-class liberal arts education, graduate programs that prepare students to succeed in a professional environment and a campus community where scholars can excel in the classroom and on the field.

As part of the campaign, we developed and implemented three pillars that will serve as a guiding force for all of our fundraising efforts. By reaching the fundraising goals for our top priorities listed in each pillar, William & Mary can build on our strengths as an academic institution and continue to offer the distinct brand of education that makes our iconic institution so special.

Engage the William & Mary community through scholarships that attract the brightest minds and the most diverse student body; through faculty support and coaching that fosters world-class teaching and research and athletic excellence; and through a commitment to strengthen lifelong connections.
Enrich the college experience through campus learning environments that support engaged learning; through collaboration and innovation that keep William & Mary at the forefront of knowledge creation; and through the renovation, expansion or creation of facilities that enhance the educational mission.
Influence the world through leadership initiatives that prepare students to lead in their chosen fields; through expanded access to international study and service programs; and through unparalleled opportunities to embrace leadership and civic engagement.

Your support can help ensure that we can continue to offer

  • A strong William & Mary community where inquiry and excellence thrive.
  • Powerful faculty-student interaction.
  • A rich array of co-curricular activities.
  • An emphasis on collaboration and innovation in teaching and research across disciplines.
  • Meaningful opportunities to lead positive change.