Pillars & Priorities

William & Mary's strength as an institution

depends greatly on access to resources that enable the university to provide a world-class liberal arts education, graduate programs that prepare students to succeed in a professional environment and a campus community where scholars can excel in the classroom and on the field.

As part of the campaign, we developed and implemented three pillars that will serve as a guiding force for all of our fundraising efforts. By reaching the fundraising goals for our top priorities listed in each pillar, William & Mary can build on our strengths as an academic institution and continue to offer the distinct brand of education that makes our iconic institution so special.

Where Great Minds Meet

Making the Remarkable

Passion for Impact

1. Where Great Minds Meet - $580 million

Engage the William & Mary community through scholarships that attract the brightest minds and the most diverse student body; through faculty and coaching support that fosters world-class teaching, research and athletic excellence; and through a commitment to strengthen lifelong connections.

Our potential as an institution of higher learning and our prestige as a Public Ivy rely on our ability to convene and connect the world’s best minds, and to create a tight-knit community of students, faculty, alumni and friends, bound together through a shared experience and a passionate desire to lead lives of principled achievement and purpose.

Scholarships are powerful; they change lives for the better. And they directly affect the caliber of William & Mary’s student body, the quality of the academic experience and the prestige of the university. Every exceptional student admitted to William & Mary should have the opportunity to attend and to reach his or her full potential without financial burden.
While great minds have always been drawn to the university for its distinctive blend of research, teaching and mentoring, we seek to raise $200 million to fund endowed professorships and coaching positions that would enable us to recruit, retain and reward the world's most distinguished faculty and mentors.
Creating world-class alumni engagement will require raising $30 million to develop new programs, enhance products and services, and expand the Alumni House. Strengthening our regional efforts across the country and around the globe — while simultaneously improving volunteer management, career services and alumni support — will ensure that alumni have strong connections to alma mater and each other.

2. Making the Remarkable - $320 million

A William & Mary education is distinguished by small class sizes, close faculty and student collaboration, and distinct engaged-learning experiences, including competitive athletics that help students realize their fullest potential. Innovative and integrated teaching, mentoring and research enable faculty and students to work together, pushing the boundaries of learning and addressing today’s most pressing problems.

We must broaden experiential opportunities for engaged learning beyond the traditional classroom, so that our students think more critically, solve problems more creatively and collaboratively, and work without borders to advance meaningful careers and serve communities around the world.
In our fourth century, we continue a strong tradition of excellence by combining the best features of an undergraduate college with the opportunities offered by a modern research university. And with better access to state-of-the-art equipment and technology, we can do even more.
By building new facilities and improving upon current structures, we will better address issues of critical importance to the world, advance the creation of new knowledge and enhance the William & Mary experience for generations to come.

3. Passion for Impact - $100 million

For more than three centuries, William & Mary has helped to develop vibrant leaders. Their passion, fueled by a rigorous liberal arts education and unparalleled opportunities to put their knowledge to work at home and abroad, has helped to forge change that has made a difference in the lives of others. The university continues to serve as a dynamic place where great minds convene, push boundaries and find solutions to pressing issues that impact our future. Private support for leadership, international and civic engagement initiatives will ensure that William & Mary continues to lead change in the 21st century.

By underscoring the importance of leadership as a core theme and a major institutional focus, William & Mary will continue to prepare graduates to welcome change and challenge, to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity, and to embrace diversity of backgrounds and perspectives.
For the Bold will enable the university to transform its international affairs initiatives and capitalize on their synergies to broaden and further deepened interdiscipinary ties, collaborative research and teaching on contemporary global problems.
We have set a goal of raising $10 to $25 million to establish a center dedicated to better preparing our students to serve their communities, to promote policy-related research and to convene national conversations on civic engagement.

Your support can help ensure that we can continue to offer

  • A strong William & Mary community where inquiry and excellence thrive.
  • Powerful faculty-student interaction.
  • A rich array of co-curricular activities.
  • An emphasis on collaboration and innovation in teaching and research across disciplines.
  • Meaningful opportunities to lead positive change.