Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top priorities of the campaign? How do I fit into those priorities?
Why William & Mary? Why a campaign?
Why 40 percent alumni participation?
With tuition constantly increasing, why do you need to raise even more money for William & Mary?
Will the $1 billion goal really meet the university’s financial needs? Will you ask for more money once you raise $1 billion?
Why should I support William & Mary when it already has a significant endowment and there are other charities that also need more financial support?
How is this campaign different from other campaigns that William & Mary has spearheaded?
What will this campaign allow William & Mary to do tomorrow that it cannot do today?
How will you measure success with this campaign?
How do campaign gifts differ from other gifts given during the course of the year?
How can my $10 make a difference in a $1 billion campaign?
What are all the different ways I can help advance the campaign?
What are the different ways I can give?
Why do you need private money when you are a public university?
What do we plan to do with all of the campaign funds?
Why is the campaign focused heavily on scholarships when the university instituted the W&M Promise to help more in-state students afford a W&M education? How will your scholarship plan ensure equal access to funds by out-of-state students since in-state students are, for the most part, taken care of through the Promise?
But aren’t out-of-state students subsidizing the education of in-state students?
Why are we raising money for Athletics when so many other programs need the money?
The Athletics Department recently announced that it is seeking to raise approximately $183 million as part of the Committee on Competitive Excellence Report. So why are you raising less money as part of this new campaign? The numbers don’t add up.
Why are you focusing so much on bolstering a liberal arts education when there seems to be a national shift against liberal arts?
Why are you seeking to raise so much money to increase faculty salaries?
Do any of the goals in the campaign help the university address mental health issues to help prevent suicides on campus?